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Keala Kennelly is one of the best surfers, hands down, on this planet.  She has surfed some of the biggest waves any male or female ever has.  She not only famously known for her accomplishments in the water but also for being an outstanding representation for female athletes.  She stands up for gender equality. In 2016, she won the Pure Scot Barrel of the Year award at the Big Wave Awards, beating out an entire field of men” (2017,  This award isn’t separated by gender.  It is simple an award truly based only on the talent of a surfer.  Both men and women compete against each other and there is only one winner.

“I had my salary cut every year for the last five years of that sponsorship–no matter how many records I broke or accomplishments I achieved–to the point that I was practically riding for them for free. Meanwhile, they paid huge salaries to models and unaccomplished athletes who had that “marketable look.” Many companies really believe using this kind of marketing strategy is the only way to get people to buy their products. I think they’re wrong,” (2017, Kennelly).

Keala Kennelly is a big deal.  She has one many of the best awards for surfing numerous times.  She openly speaks about how she doesn’t have the same opportunities as men within the sport.  She also has been told she can’t win against men surfers and proved those people wrong over and over.  Keala openly called out the brand Billabong for their sexist marketing images.  This wasn’t just one picture. Numerous times women are betrayed completely different than men are.  Male surfers are shown shredding waves whereas female surfers are shown laying on the beach in their bikinis.  Within sports, many female athletes do not receive the same amount of money through their sponsorships.  Keala Kennelly speaks openly about this topic.

Feel free to read more about Keala Kennelly speaking out against sexism. Click here!


Award-Winning Surfer Keala Kennelly Calls Out Billabong For Sexist Portrayal Of Female Athletes

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