Why does there always have to be a white dude?

“Why does there always have to be a white dude?” is a question that I have heard far too much withi my circles of Asian friends, and while I really try not to look at things in terms of race, I cannot help but start to ask the same question. Recently, the first trailer for Birth of the Dragon was released to the public- it is a re-interpretation of Bruce Lee, a historical man who helped set the ground for Asian Americans trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood… or so it seems. 3 seconds into the trailer and there is something off- the main character is not Bruce Lee. It’s just some random white dude.

At this point, I feel that no one is absolutely surprised by this move made by Hollywood and many of my friends simply just accepted it for what it was after seeing the trailer. But it really begs to question why the main character could not be Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was loved by American audiences back in his time and was in fact despised by his home country. Yet it seems as though Hollywood producers today are taking one step back and have decided, once again, that an Asian American is not fit for the “star role” I a big-time film. Maybe we won’t hit those big box office numbers.

Bruce Lee Movie Stars a White Guy Because Of Course it Does

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